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Web Analytics Consultancy
How do we get useful information from our Web Analytics data? How do we make sure that visitors don’t leave right after reaching the shopping cart? Which online campaign delivers the best results? Our Web Analytics consultants translate the statistics into the right insights and information for the website’s goals.

Clarity in your marketing initiatives

Web Analytics is vital for determining marketing goals. Vital when you want reliable answers to questions. How else can you find out how online campaigns are performing? Web Analytics makes marketing initiatives clear and transparent.

“New opportunities have been created for Neckermann by proactively taking on new possibilities.” Sharmany Smet - Neckermann

Our consultants combine statistics and other relevant data, making information available so the right people can take action. They test and make improvements when necessary. For example, they monitor the checkout process to determine what works and what doesn’t.

For those who want the best

Web Analytics consultancy is geared toward organisations that want insights into the results of their online activities. That want to know what is working well and what isn’t. For organisations with a web shop that want to know how they can make improvements to the buying process. In short, for organisations that want the best possible performance from their website and marketing activities.

Measurable results and concrete action points

Sometimes something can go wrong during the implementation of an Analytics package. Our experienced Web Analytics consultants help create the right tailor-made tracking codes. They consider knowledge transfer of paramount importance. And they deliver concise reports on their findings. They dig deep into data and come up with concrete action points and opportunities.

Where do our visitors come from? Have they been to our website before? What are the best selling products on our website?
These questions and more can be answered during a tailor-made Analytics advice process.

Web Analytics Consultancy at Traffic4u

The benefits

  • Profit from vast experience with multifaceted projects.
  • Tailor-made, creative and extensive advice.
  • Work with an accredited Google partner in the field of Web Analytics.

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